Credit without Credit Bureau: Apply for a loan now

Are you looking for a loan without Credit Bureau? Then Lender Bank is your reliable and reputable credit broker. Make a non-binding and free credit request and get your personal offer after a short time. We’ll tell you how to complete the loan request for a Credit Bureau-free loan in three easy steps. You will receive the online credit for every purpose and can expect to receive the payment in your account soon if the basic payment requirements are met!

Free credit request With a net loan of $ 4,000 and a loan of 72 months, 2/3 of the new customers receive in advance. an eff. Interest rate pa of 7.9% or less (born debit rate 6.45% pa) Important: In your own interest, please do not make any further credit inquiries, as multiple inquiries (also from other providers) can lead to irritation and the blocking periods can be imposed by the banks in question.

Credit without Credit Bureau with Lender Bank

  • Loan contract drawn up by the professional on the situation
  • Free inquiry and processing with social responsibility
  • No additional contracts like family insurance, credit card etc.
  • Early repayment possible at any time
  • Real-time info SMS, and real-time customer area
  • Express payment by Postident online from Deutsche Post

What is a loan without Credit Bureau?

In the case of a loan without Credit Bureau, a credit intermediary works with the loan seeker. The lending and the credit terms are not dependent on the Credit Bureau information. Instead, the mediator asks about the applicant’s income and the personal and professional situation. The lender checks the loan applications without Credit Bureau request. Instead, he determines the creditworthiness of the borrower based on the data in the self-disclosure in the loan application. Consumers with a negative Credit Bureau scoring also receive a personal loan, which is usually granted as an online loan.

That is why Lender Bank is the right partner for a personal loan without Credit Bureau

That is why Lender Bank is the right partner for a personal loan without Credit Bureau

If you are an employee, manual worker, civil servant or pensioner with a minimum income of $ 1,100.00 net per month, Lender Bank is your credit specialist for a Credit Bureau-free loan. As a credit broker, we have many years of experience in lending to private individuals. Loan seekers receive a personal offer that takes into account the individual situation of the borrower. Of course, all credit inquiries are treated confidentially and the data is only passed on to reputable lenders. In contrast to dubious credit brokers, we do not charge any upfront costs or fees that apply regardless of the success of the credit brokerage. If the loan is successful, we receive a commission from the lending bank. The loan application is completed quickly and easily and is processed within 20 – 30 minutes.

You can apply for these types of credit at Lender Bank

You can apply for these types of credit at Lender Bank

You get Credit Bureau-free loans with different loan amounts and at different loan conditions. The loan request is made online and is non-binding and free of charge for loan seekers. The credit broker Lender Bank offers borrowers the following types of credit free of charge:

  • Instant loans
  • Online loans
  • Car loans
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Modernization loan
  • Mortgage loan
  • Small loans
  • Urgent loans

All types of credit are private loans, for which lending banks and other lenders conclude a loan agreement. Whether you want to pay off other debts with the borrowing, buy a new car, set up the apartment or go on vacation, does not matter for the loan decision. It is only important to the lenders that you pay the monthly installment on time and that there are no defaults. To rule out dubious credit inquiries, Lender Bank requires a minimum monthly net income of USD 1,100.00 from every applicant who is looking for a loan without a Credit Bureau loan.

Credit Bureau-free credit – expiry of a credit application at Lender Bank

Credit Bureau-free credit - expiry of a credit application at Lender Bank

If you, as a borrower, request a loan offer from us, we first make a Schufneutral request to various lenders. Credit Bureau neutral means that the credit request has no effect on your Credit Bureau score. We only make a condition request to the lenders, no loan request. Therefore, Credit Bureau finds out nothing about your interest in a small loan or online loan.

After you have completed the online application, we will make you several loan offers within 20 – 30 minutes if the payment requirements are met. You decide on the optimal type of loan. After you have informed us about the choice of the suitable loan offer, we will give you the loan approval within a short time. In the case of an immediate acceptance, this takes place within two minutes. You then only have to identify yourself using the postident procedure. If you opt for the online identification process, you will see the receipt of the loan amount on your bank statements after a short time. Filling out the loan application is done in three easy steps.

Loan application in three steps

1. Whether small loan or a higher loan amount for debt rescheduling or for a larger purchase, you can enter the required loan amount and the desired loan rate in our loan form. Then we need some information from you to process your credit request. This includes:

  • Salutation, first name and last name
  • your current address
  • Your date of birth
  • Email address and mobile number
  • Indicate when you can best be reached.

Before submitting the loan request, you should check whether you can take out the loan with a second person. With two borrowers, the loan terms are often more favorable. It also serves as credit protection if two borrowers guarantee the repayment of the monthly installments. This shows lenders that there is less risk of default, making it easier to make credit decisions. If you are married, register your spouse as the second applicant. Unmarried loan seekers can register their life partner. But parents, grandparents or good friends can also take out a Credit Bureau-free loan with you.

After submitting the credit request, you get immediate access to the customer login by seeing the current status of your request. The link is on the page after sending as well as in the email you specified.

Credit without Credit Bureau with many options from Lender Bank

Credit without Credit Bureau with many options from Lender Bank

As a credit broker, we make creation-neutral credit inquiries for net loans starting at 4,000.00 USD. The maximum loan amount is USD 60,000.00. You have 48 to 120 months to repay the personal loan. The amount of the monthly installment results from the net loan amount plus interest divided by the term in months.

You are free to choose what you want to take out the loan for. Debt restructuring of old loans is often worthwhile in order to save interest. If you have negative Credit Bureau entries, a loan without Credit Bureau can even save you from personal bankruptcy. The loan request is free and non-binding – just try it out!

What are Credit Bureau and Credit Bureau scoring?

What are Credit Bureau and Credit Bureau scoring?

When you apply for a loan from a bank, the lending institution wants to be sure that the loan will not default. For this reason, every bank in Germany makes an inquiry to the credit agency Credit Bureau before lending, which is an abbreviation of the former name of the protection association for general credit protection . Credit Bureau has collected data on more than 60 million German consumers. The credit agency uses the data to assess the creditworthiness of the loan seekers. The banks rely on Credit Bureau information and reject the loan application if Credit Bureau entries are negative.

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