Small Loans from 100 $ on account immediately

Small loan – online comparison of small loans

Small loan - online comparison of small loans

A small loan can be very helpful as it can quickly lead to unexpected costs, such as repairs to the car. Even if a long-awaited investment is to be made, a relatively small amount of money is often required. The solution: a small loan. The small loan can help you flexibly with relatively small financial constraints and has several advantages. Clarification at

It can be easily searched and compared online to possibly even get a small loan into the account immediately.

What is a small loan?

What is a small loan?

A small loan is an installment loan, which, depending on the bank, can usually be borrowed between USD 500 and USD 5,000. So a small to medium loan amount.

A small loan therefore has a low credit line and more flexible conditions. The term of a small loan is usually between 12 and 24 months. It can be individually adjusted and is usually possible for up to 84 months. The small loans are repaid in a short to medium-term period with fixed monthly installments.

Because the amount of money borrowed is relatively low and the risk to the bank is relatively low, a small loan has a lower interest rate. In addition, the small loan is not earmarked and can be used individually. The borrowed money can be used freely. The approval of a small loan also depends on the creditworthiness.

The advantages of small loans in a nutshell:

  • Not earmarked
  • Low and constant interest rate
  • Low monthly installments
  • Flexible term
  • Faster implementation thanks to possible online application

A comparison is important to be able to use these advantages accordingly. In the next section of this article you will learn everything about such an online comparison.

In addition to the small loan, there is also the mini loan. Feel free to visit our Mini Loans page to learn more about the difference.

Online comparison of small loans thanks to loan finders

Online comparison of small loans thanks to loan finders

In order to find the most suitable small loan for the specific purpose, it is recommended to compare the terms of different small loans and therefore the online lender. loan finders helps you to compare several small loans and loans in general online. It shows the different characteristics so that you can find your small loan.

At loan finders, various small loan offers from several reliable credit institutions are compared and the services are shown in a detailed and clear manner. Thanks to this online comparison, you can find the right offer for you, such as a small loan to your account and with immediate transfer. loan finders’s service is free of charge, transparent and you have everything listed at a glance, including the advantages and disadvantages.

This online comparison can be carried out quickly and easily. But can a small loan also be taken out quickly without the normally many formalities?

Can a small loan be taken out online & quickly?

Can a small loan be taken out online & quickly?

Since a small loan is usually to be obtained quickly, the lender can be easily found on the basis of the quick and practical comparison with loan finders. After this suitable small loan has been found, it can be applied for online directly from the comparison. You will be forwarded to the bank of the selected offer and in most cases a form can be quickly and easily filled out online with the necessary information and documents for a loan request. The procedure for obtaining a small loan online can vary with the credit institution, so that the respective conditions – shown in detail by loan finders – must be observed in order to find the right one.

Since the application process takes place online, a small loan can usually be taken out quickly. The check is quick in most cases, depending on the lender.

Can I get a small loan with bank transfer immediately to my account?

Can I get a small loan with bank transfer immediately to my account?

It depends on the lender and the conditions whether a small credit with transfer can be received into the account immediately. The money from small loans is often needed quickly and should preferably appear on the account within a few seconds. Thanks to loan finders, you can easily and securely compare the different and trustworthy small loan offers online. Conditions such as the payout time are also mentioned.

A small loan immediately into the account can be quickly obtained with bank transfer. An audit can be quick, so you can get the money into your account in a short amount of time. However, the payout time is only representative and depends on many factors. This includes, for example, the cooperation of the small lender with your bank. Now we come to the question of whether a small loan can work despite Credit bureau.

Is a small loan possible despite Credit bureau?

Is a small loan possible despite Credit bureau?

The worry about the Credit bureau is often unfounded. Credit bureau entries are completely normal and are created when you sign a cell phone contract. The Credit bureau Score is an indicator of the payment behavior of the consumer. A negative Credit bureau entry only arises through late payment for loans or reminders.

Positive and negative are noted. For small loans, banks in Germany are also obliged to check the creditworthiness, i.e. the creditworthiness of the consumer. There are many factors in determining creditworthiness, not just the Credit bureau Score. Income, account life, payment history and the general financial situation. The higher the creditworthiness, the higher the probability that a small loan will be repaid on schedule and therefore the risk of default is lower.

A credit check is also necessary when granting a small loan, and the conduct of a check shows that it is a reputable provider. A small loan can also be taken despite a moderate or poor Credit bureau score. Since a small loan is a relatively small sum of money, a lender can usually be found easily. There are also some providers who pay little attention to the general creditworthiness of the Credit bureau Score.

There are also many lenders (bank and private) that generally invest in consumers with moderate credit ratings. Acceptance despite negative creditworthiness is shown in the loan finders list.

Can I get a small loan from a private person?

Can I get a small loan from a private person?

A small personal loan is another option to get money. The lender is a private individual, not a bank. This option is often referred to as a small credit from private to private, because it is granted to private individuals. This involves mediation between a private lender and a private borrower. Therefore, the terms of the contract can be designed flexibly, with regard to the interest rate and the term.

For people with a regular income or a poor credit rating, the small loan from private offers an alternative financing. This is very helpful if the bank could refuse a small loan due to its poor credit rating. Receiving a small loan from a private person offers an opportunity to borrow money even with an average credit rating, but it depends on the private lender.

In the case of a moderate or poor credit rating, higher interest rates can be expected, since the risk for the private lender is higher and is therefore offset.

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